School Board

The Roebuck Primary School Board is a vibrant and active body focused on school programs and the needs of students. The School Board plays an important role in establishing the directions of the school, endorsing the school budget and evaluating school performance.


Power and Duties

  • To take part in establishing and reviewing from time to time the School’s objectives, priorities and general policy direction.
  • To take part in planning of financial arrangements necessary to fund these objectives, priorities and policies.
  • To take part in evaluating the School’s performance in achieving these objectives, priorities and policies.
  • To take part in formulating codes of conduct for students at the School (Uniform)
  • To sanction changes and contributions.
  • To promote the School.



The Board Membership consists of representatives from across the school community including the Principal, two Staff Members and Parent representatives.

Current Board Members

Principal:                                                                           Board Chair:

Kelvin Shem                                                                      Duncan Smith

Parent Representatives :                                               Staff Representatives:

Ian West                                                                            Lisa O'Neill

Derek Monks                                                                    Josephine Eastwood                                                                 

Tim Brooker                                                       

Duncan Smith

Sheldon Pratley                                       




The School Board meets twice a term, on Monday evenings in weeks three and seven.

Minutes of the previous meetings are available to view below.


Annual School Board open meeting will be held at 6.00pm on 28 October 2019


Previous Minutes 2017

Term 1          13 February 2017                                           27 March 2017

Term 2          8 May 2017                                                     12 June 2017

Term 3          31 July 2017                                                    28 August 2017

Term 4          23 October 2017                                            20 November 2017



Previous Minutes 2018


Term 1                                                                                    12 March 2018

Term 2          14 May 2018                                                   11 June 2018

Term 3          30 July 2018                                                    27 August 2018

Term 4          22 October 2018                                            19 November 2018

Previous Minutes 2019
Term 1                                                                                 
   18 March 2019

Term 2          13 April 2019                                                  10 June 2019

Term 3          5 August 2019                                                2 September 2019

Term 4          28 October 2019                                            25 November 2019



Terms of Reference

The School Board Terms of Reference is available for viewing here.

Contact Details

Correspondence for the School Board can be sent to: