Student Leadership Teams

 Student Leadership Policy



At Roebuck Primary School the development of life long leadership skills is one of the learning opportunities offered to all students from Year 4-6. Having effective student leaders supports the development of responsible behaviours, a positive school tone and encourages students to model the school values. Positive student leadership opportunities and experiences will facilitate the transition to secondary school and the world beyond. Student leadership is driven by service to others and is embedded in our school motto: “Working Together”.



The purpose of this policy is to ensure that all students are supported and encouraged to:

  • Develop a sense of belonging, responsibility and partnership by working together to achieve leadership skills that will enhance and promote Roebuck Primary School.
  • Demonstrate respect for each person and the environment
  • Strive for unity through cooperation with staff and other students
  • Aim high in all that they do by being exemplary role models
  • Have representation in some areas of decision making



  • The student leadership policy will be implemented and aligned to Roebuck Primary School’s vision and mission statements
  • Student leadership will be a shared leadership model and will involve students in year 4-6
  • Leadership positions of responsibility will be recognised at the commencement of each school year with presentation of badges stating their position at the school assembly


Leadership Positions:

  • School Captains: two students from Year 6
  • Student Council representatives (6 x Year 6 students and 4 x Year 5 students)
  • Faction Captains: 2 x Year 6 student for each faction
  • Action teams (five teams with a total of 54 students from year 4-6)


Student Action Teams:

To promote and teach leadership skills, all students from year 4-6 are invited to participate in Action Teams. These teams for 2022 are:


Performing Arts

Teacher: Mrs Micaley Ross and Mrs Alexandria Guthrie

Student Leaders: Bailey L-C, Hannah M, Josh B

Team Members: Stella R, Tom H, Eva K, Charlotte R, Sasha W, Estera R, Eva K, Amos V, Maddison Y


•    Community choir performances

•    Drama Club

•    Presentation Night planning and set up

•    Assist councillors with assembly set up

•    Open night performances/displays

•    Photos/videos - assembly items



Teacher: Mrs Leanne Blackley and Ms Ingrid Otaola Zarraga

Student Leaders: Indi W, Charlotte S

Team Members: Rowan L, Callum L, Noah L, Johanna R, Ellie L, Stevie K-F, Tate B, Holly F, Arlie C, Sophia R, Poppy D


•    Environmental issues – school and community

•    Keep Australia Beautiful

•    Roebuck Bay Working Group

•    School environment - playgrounds and grounds

•    Traffic safety - crossings and buses

•    School improvements eg murals, signage, displays etc


Cultural Awareness

Teacher: Miss Marika Daniele, Mrs Skye Beatty and Miss Laurette Davey

Student Leaders:  Tekarie W, Ava B, Kaiani C

Team Members: Jasmine L, Zawati T, Savannah B, Tina K, Milla M, Ella T, Mateesa W, Kyi'Meesha T, Ularni G, Marli A, Blake D, Stella B


•    NAIDOC week activities

•    Cultural awareness for staff

•    Community connections to Yawuru

•    Promotion of Aboriginal education across classes

•    Purchasing of relevant resources

•    Mentoring ATSI students


Student Health and Well Being

Teacher: Mrs Sonya Fontaine and Mrs Lisa O'Neill

Student Leaders: Mahli J, Carys B, Flynn P

Team Members: Ruby S, Elaina W, Ruby D, Lucy F, Zoey R, Riva D, Aria R, Scarlett H, Matilda M, Izabella S, Sonny O


•    Promotion of 6 Kinds of Best values across the school

•    Reduce bullying

•    Behaviour management

•    Promoting physical health for students

•    Social and emotional health for students


Physical Education

Teacher: Mr Ryan Kent

Faction Captains: Ibis - Riley K and Kade S, Greenshank - Indi F and Jaxon G, Spoonbill - Kaiani C and Nate M, Whimbrel - Matilda B and Louis L


•    Assist with carnival/sport set up

•    Role model sportsmanship and games skills

•    Manage block sports equipment

•    Represent Roebuck Primary School at carnivals

•    Participate in lunch time sports session during term 2 and 3 (coach and umpire)



The senior students are our student role models. We acknowledge the gifts and talents which they bring to our school community. They work hard and are successful in making our school a welcoming, friendly, just and inclusive community in which all students feel safe and are happy to learn and play. They are the decision makers of the future and we hope that through our Shared leadership program they will develop skills and attitudes to assist them to become good citizens prepared to make a difference.