School History

We are very proud of Roebuck Primary School and through your review of our school via our school homepage and the Department of Education of Western Australia's Schools Online profile, believe that you will form a positive impression as we welcome you to our strong and progressive school community.


Roebuck Primary School is an Independent Public School (IPS) and a member of the Broome School Cluster located in the northern suburb of Djugun in Broome.  


Located on the Broome Peninsular in the Kimberley, 2400km north of Perth, Western Australia, Broome is a regional centre and comprises a range of government and commercial enterprises with tourism a major commerce of the area - Broome Visitor Centre -  


Broome is the traditional home to the Yawuru (Ya-roo) people on whose traditional land we live -


Roebuck Primary School is a relatively new school in Broome, with its foundation year commencing as a ‘school in houses’ in 2000, moving to its current school site in 2006.  The school continued to develop as the suburb of Djugun (Roebuck Estate) and surrounding suburbs developed; particularly with the cyclic influx of tourists and seasonal workers, culminating in 2013, with a student population of 748.  


Year 7 as high school students and Broome North Primary School both commenced in 2015, and the Roebuck Primary School student population has settled at a suitable 550 (+/- 50) students.  Roebuck Primary School enrolment is governed by the Local Intake Area (LIA) policy as indicated on our school website. 


Further, more specific information on the initial planning and thought behind our school’s creation is at ‘Roebuck Primary School – from concept to creation’


School Logo
As Roebuck Primary School is a focus of the community atmosphere of Roebuck Estate and surrounding areas, the waterbird theme of the Estate is used in the school logo. The Ibis and Spoonbill were chosen by the 2000 student body. The theme of flight has been carried throughout the new school building and surrounds.